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What is the protection level of plastic waterproof box?

Definition of IP protection level.

Protection classifies electrical appliances according to their protection against dust and moisture. The IP protection level is composed of two numbers.

The first number indicates the level of the appliance’s ability to keep out foreign objects, and the second number indicates the degree of sealing of the electrical appliance against moisture and waterproof intrusion.

The larger the two marked numbers are, the higher the protection level is. See the table below for details of the protection levels represented by the two marked numbers. 

Usually used the protection levels for communication products are IP 57 (dust-proof and unaffected by short-term immersion in water), IP 65 (dust-proof and splash-proof)

and IP 67 (dustproof and unaffected by brief immersion in water). Whether to use IP 65 or IP 67 depends on the actual application and different testing standards.

IP 67 is not always better than IP 65. A component that meets the IP 67 standard may not necessarily meet the IP 65 standard.         

IP (INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION) protection level and waterproof test standards are developed by IEC (INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION)

International protection and waterproof testing standards drafted by L ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION).         

International Electrotechnical Commission standards IEC 529 – 598